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Excess Liability & Umbrella

The primary feature of excess / umbrella protection is an additional amount of liability insurance, that is excess over underlying policies such as general liability, professional liability, automobile liability, and employers' liability. An umbrella policy provides additional coverage when the limits of insurance on an underlying policy are exceeded. For instance, if you have $1,000,000 coverage under General Liability and you have a claim settlement for $1,500,000, the umbrella policy would pick up the additional amount.


Workers Compensation

  • Guaranteed cost program
  • Superior loss control program and risk engineering
  • Premium payment plans available
  • Admitted paper
  • Proven strategies to manage claims and control medical costs
  • Specialized fraud investigation units and legal teams
  • Focused return-to-work efforts for employees
  • Renowned loss prevention services
  • Innovative managed care programs
  • Available in all non-monopolistic states

This coverage is used to comply with the Workers' Compensation coverage required by your state law. Under this requirement, an employee can be compensated if he or she is injured while working for you, regardless of your negligence as an employer.

Workers compensation is a schedule of benefits payable to an employee for injury, disability, dismemberment, or death as a result of occupational hazard. The benefits payments are the liability of the employer and workers compensation is a form of insurance that agrees to pay on behalf of the employer those injury benefits required by law.

Employer's Liability coverage, which is usually included in Workers Compensation policies, responds when an employer is held liable for the injury or illness of an employee but the claim is not covered by workers compensation portion of the policy.

In almost every state, workers' compensation insurance is required for companies that have W2 employees.


Property Insurance

  • Replacement cost or actual cash value
  • Increased Extra expense
  • Business income coverage
  • Employee dishonesty coverage
  • Equipment breakdown coverage

Property insurance protects a person or business with an interest in physical property against its loss or the loss of its income-producing abilities. Property coverage has multiple parts including Building coverage, Business Personal Property and Loss of Income coverages:

  • Business Personal Property: Traditionally known as "contents," this term actually refers to furniture, fixtures, equipment, machinery, merchandise, materials, and all other personal property owned by the insured and used in the insured's business.
  • Business Income Coverage Form: A commercial property form providing coverage for "indirect losses" resulting from property damage, such as loss of business income and extra expenses incurred. It has replaced earlier Business Interruption and Extra Expense forms.
  • Business Interruption Insurance: A type of policy that pays for loss of earnings when operations are curtailed or suspended because of property loss.


Cyber Liability

Data Breach and Privacy Liability, Data Breach Loss to Insured and Electronic Media Liability Insurance Policy. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

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